Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I wash my TDC shirts?

    Wash your tie dye products the same way you would wash your other new clothes! We recommend washing them on COLD with like-colors.

    2. Where and how are the shirts produced?

    TDC shirts are made in Phoenix, Arizona.

    The process to make the shirts is 100% hand-made. It begins by soaking the shirts in a solution to raise the pH of the fabric to ensure it is properly prepared for dying. Next, the shirts are tied into the desired pattern, dyed, and left to soak over for 48 hours. They are washed using a professional dyers detergent that completes the dye process and prevents the shirts from bleeding or fading.

    3. Do you do custom wholesale orders?

    Yes. Contact us for more information. 

    4. How does The Tie Dye Company custom service work?

    It's easy. Choose the color(s) and patterns that you want, send us your company or personal design/logo and the sizes you need, and we will do the rest! Contact us for details and a quote.