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Individually thrifted vintage t-shirts given a second life through The TDC “To Be Continued” services.

The Sustainable Fashion industry is predicted to be valued at 3.3 trillion dollars by 2030. When I started this brand, that was the first statistic that grabbed my attention. We all see the trend happening in real life—removing plastic straws, reducing waste and the use of plastics, etc.

Sustainability is THE trend. It is what will save our planet and ultimately leave it a better place than we found it—That’s our Company’s mission✋🤚

I knew that if I could build a brand that encourages a sustainable lifestyle (a more positive one), then I’d be doing my part and I’d be happy ✋🤚

The “To Be Continued...” Service will allow anybody to send in their clothing to be refashioned and “sustained” by The Tie Dye Company, giving each piece a “Second Life.”

This is how TDC does Sustainable Fashion. To Be Continued...